Once upon a time there stood an Old Roadhouse Inn -- dilapidated, neglected, abandoned. One day a traveler passing by paused to admire the building's "old bones" and by so doing began to tell herself a story . . .

Designer Victoria Lesser beautifully restored The Old North Branch Inn and opened its doors to guests in the late summer of 2007. When you come for a stay it will be no surprise to find that Victoria's famed attention to detail not only informs the Inn's classic renovations, but is also the standard by which your every comfort is provided.

Each guestroom, with spacious private bath, is designed to anticipate your every need. Wrap yourself in a cozy quilt, your laptop connects to our WiFi service. Or, maybe a newspaper? Perhaps a good book. Would you like another blanket? It's our pleasure to provide it for you.

Calling all Artists, Writers, Musicians, Cooks... Bring your creative energies, events, workshops or just your plans for a good time to The Old North Branch Inn. Screen a film, start a club, teach some classes, the possibilities are endless. Explore the "State of the Art 10 seat movie theater or the "turn of the century" bowling lanes.

The four guest rooms will provide accommodations for up to eight overnight guests. Event planners will be pleased to know that our daytime public spaces are ample for many more.

Those who know the difference will recognize the World Class Standards which quietly underscore the true spirit of place so unique to this historical setting.


869 North Branch-Hortonville Road | North Branch, New York 12766 | 845.482.5925 | Contact Victoria Lesser

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